The Importance of Mobile-Friendly Website Design

The age of portable smart gadgets is here. Now, everyone can use smartphones or tablets to play games, search for products, study, or anything else that they can do on a computer. That’s why every other business now seeks web design services in Tampa, FL to optimize their website and make it mobile-friendly.

Visitors might go to a competitor’s site if yours is difficult to navigate on their smartphone or requires too much time to load. Only a limited number of people now use desktops, right? Meanwhile, an increasing number of people use mobiles for Google searches, website searches, etc. So, there is no doubt that businesses need to make their websites as mobile-friendly as possible.

Still not sure why you should hire a website design company in Tampa FL just to optimize your site as mobile-friendly? Read the pointers below:

Enhanced User Experience

According to research, users will leave a page and visit a rival’s site that is more adaptable to their smartphone or tablet when they can’t readily view and operate it on their handheld device.

Visitors are more inclined to come back when a mobile website meets their demands because they feel trusted and accountable to the company whose website they are browsing. Thus, hire a website design company in Tampa, FL to make your site fully mobile-optimized and easy to navigate.

Boosts Conversions

By making your website mobile-friendly, a website design company in Tampa, FL helps increase conversions or the percentage of people who complete a certain action, which can increase profitability. For instance:

  • By selecting the “Book an Appointment” option, you can take action.
  • Using the call-back phone number also generates leads.
  • Mobile-friendly websites that routinely take these bold moves receive impressive benefits.

By introducing the click-to-call alternative, your business can notice a typical boost in call volume.

Google Ranks Mobile-Friendly Websites On Top of SERPs

Websites that are mobile-friendly are given preference by Google’s crucial algorithm. Given that most Google and internet users are mobile, Google prefers ranking mobile-friendly websites on the top. Such a site will please Google and boost your site’s ranking whether your potential customers search your website via a smartphone, tablet, or desktop.


Do not worry if you feel technologically ill-equipped to design, develop, and launch a mobile-friendly website for your Tampa-based business. You can easily create, construct, and maintain effective mobile-friendly websites for your Tampa business. Contact Dependable Marketing Solutions today!